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World News New UFO sighting filmed by webcam Popocatepetl

World-News-New-UFO-sighting-filmed-by-webcam-PopocatepetlWorld News New UFO sighting filmed by webcam Popocatepetl we show you the latest video online with an unidentified object that flies over the volcano.














UFO: New sighting filmed by webcam positioned in front of Popocatepetl
The cameras submitted by researchers to monitor the volcanic activity of Popocatepetl shooting a unidentified flying object.
While not a new activity of the volcano Popocatepetl, which these days has a new lava dome slightly lower than the previous year, and there are fumes of low intensity with the release of some amount of ash, it is the recording of another object unidentified flying in the area. According to some experts it would be a UFO.
On other occasions they have been seen other unidentified objects, the appearance of the eye that seemed to come and go from the crater of the famous Mexican volcano Popocatepetl.




However, some specialists say that it would be an optical effect that counteracts the gas from the ambient light.
The following video is of 16 July and was recorded by a network called Webscams de Mexico. It seems it was taken over an object not identified who performs fast movements but messy.
Succession of shots (time-lapse) 3:50 p.m. to 4:10 p.m., Central Time Mexico. The sequence of images reveals the presence of an intermittent type of unknown flying object, lenticular or spherical, solid-looking and silver, moving in different directions in front of the camera framing the volcano Popocatepetl, in the city of San Nicolas de los Ranchos.

Source: webcamsdemexico.com

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