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Akris-dresses-new-collection-fashion-fall-winter-accessories-completeThe famous, high fashion house Akris, presents its new collection fall winter 2013-2014 for women. The line of the brand: has intrigued the public, with many leaders evening, where the women of Akris, stand out for their elegance, in dark clothing. Akris for the colder season, presents: many full, rich leaders combined, such as shirts and sweaters with skirts or pants, jacket complete with broken or whole velvety, full black leather, nude provocative shirts, jackets, coats and furs, Akris very safe for a woman on the collection fall winter 2013-2014.













Colors for the famous brand, offers in the cold season: canonical tones, with plenty of gray and black, the whole collection is characterized by full-evening pants and Chapters transparent, A complete collection fall winter 2013-2014 Akris accessories : proposals are shoes with high heel and curved, with matching handbags and shoulder bags, belts on almost all of them, and much more that we can see in the photos, all in great style Akris.
And what do you think? Even here, to you the judgment, look at the gallery of Akris, to get a better idea on the new collection. Find details in our categories, you can share the article on the social, thank you for choosing this site, and good navigation. All designers present new collection for Akris Their new trend with accessories always in high demand are visible in our categories and online.
Selected from the whole collection Akris. Watch them the photo galleryLink from the photo below.

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