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Pants and leggings flared bell-bottom fashion trends and fashion trends for fall winter 2013. We speak of flared leggings trying to beat time on the slow and timid return of flared jeans that look back slowly – advanced by the flare variation in vogue last fall – but without half-measures that are specific courses instead and appeals of denim.

 These are flared to the nth degree, more often declined in materials that leave no room for personal interpretation possible but with the classics and more discrete leggings plain and smooth materials and simple: they have been sighted in lace. pants and leggings flared bell-bottom fashion trends and fashion trends for fall winter 2013. Sometimes they come back.


And quite often. How many times have been set aside in a cabinet, but reappeared cyclically, making us rediscover the taste of the wild-chic seventies.
The pants leg, essential currency of those icons that were the Seventies Charlie’s Angels, are back.















And while the spring / summer of we will see in all colors. After the fever for the Eighties, which marked the trends of recent years, put aside the narrow ankle skinny jeans, let them come back in the seventies scene. And among all the key elements of the style of those years,” the pants leg flare jeans” are perhaps the most emblematic leader, one able to reflect more than others the sense of an era.  ‘you can then find a line inspired by the ’70s, complete with a denim shirt, camel colored top, floral print skirts, jeans, shoes and of course the inevitable bell.



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