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Mango  Collection Lookbook and Mango Parade fashion apparel catalog woman fall winter 2013. Mango presents his sophisticated woman, elegant, but also ironic and absolutely sensual and ultra-feminine in new autumn winter 2013 . When will the hot days, we will inevitably come to terms with the cold season and we will make a drastic change in our wardrobe . Away all those clothes that make us all think ‘ estate , to make room for coats , long pants , boots, boots and other accessories needed to tackle the big chill. Obviously we need to get prepared and know all the trends that will go out of style. This comes to our rescue Mango, with a very unique collection.

For the coming autumn and winter low-cost Spanish chain Mango is inspired by the military world and recalls the lines clean. Mango lines including epaulettes, patch pockets, leather decorations, buttons etc from military recall. From


clothing is perceived, moreover, the distinct influence of architectural forms that provide new Mango volumes, especially in the sleeves and sides.


Of great importance are the full blacks or whites, born in response to vibration of cobalt blue that gives vivacity and intensity of winter. Finally, the fabrics: wool, loop pile, tweed jackets which value over the shoulders falls.


The designers  Mango present new collections and accessories, always in high demand, visible online.

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