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Fiorucci presents its new collection of clothing and accessories Spring-Summer for women. The collection is totally inspired fashion of the 80’s, the legendary times of the Kiss, the leather jacket and shirts with the words. Into The models are presented with a beautiful bouffant wig, often colorful, and with makeup multicolor typical of that decade.
Fiorucci like it because it is cheerful, bubbly, from the look young and versatile.Fiorucci clothing collection spring summer for women is aimed at a target audience of young consumers because many tissues and, in particular, the lines are extremely young and unsuited to over 35, with a few exceptions such as the excellent Buffalo jeans model and that achieved in collaboration with Naomi Campbell.


Fiorucci clothing collection spring summer fluo colors and bright, vintage inspirations and eighties: many materials as well as innovative and quirky details for a collection designed in full color to brighten our spring summer. A line that collects pop fluo-neck mini dresses blue on the back and a heart-shaped balloon with print tunics, raincoats technical extreme shades like pink, purple and black evergreen. The range for the most romantic is alive with flowers and soft colors like powder pink, pink and pastel yellow balloon with shorts and denim shirts soft.

Fiorucci collection spring summer for women clothing line designed in collaboration with the panther Black Naomi Campbell includes t-shirts in basic colors such as gray, black and white peep on which the most famous images of Naomi coming from ‘historical archives of ID magazine, prints that almost all remember that become true symbols of the beauty of Campbell . Jeans line has been designed to effect a bottom push up through the fabric snug and, above all, strategic seams that draw perfectly the B-side giving the illusion of lift and tone.


The designers “Fiorucci” present their new collections trend with accessories, always in high demand, are visible in our categories and online.

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