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L ‘whimsical, high fashion house Frankie Morello, presents its new collection fall winter 2013-2014 for women. The line of the brand: enchanted the audience with a lot of clothing that looks fascinating, where the women of Frankie Morello, do not go unnoticed, we find a large variety of animals for the Frankie-Morello-new-collection-fashion-fall-winter-clothing-evening-dresscolder season, where we find: complete with broken dark colors, short skirts to the knee, in printed fabrics, or black leather also worked very elegant complete the whole, for a woman or evening appointment seriously, anoraks, complete, and long jackets with effects like “under her dress nothing, “beautiful long shirts, complemented by a waist belt, short women who wear Frankie Morello, definitely know what they want, all the fabulous collection fall winter 2013-2014, is very trendy. Colors for the famous brand, offers in the cold season: a world of fantasy, with fuchsia, burgundy, blue purple, gray, black and ‘white inevitable, the whole collection is characterized by geometric prints, even those small wedges vampire, have a great elegance. To complete the fantastic collection fall winter 2013-2014 Frankie Morello accessories: shoes with heels are proposed and unique design purses and handbags Frankie Morello, which accompany serious tones and elegant, highlighted by dark glasses, circular design, of course, all perfectly combined, in the collection, including hats and gloves, are in style Frankie Morello. And what do you think? Even here, to you the judgment, look at the gallery of Frankie Morello, to get a better idea on the new collection. Find details in our categories, you can share the article on the social, thank you for choosing this site, and good navigation. All designers present new collection for Frankie Morello Their new trend with accessories always in high demand are visible in our categories and online.

Selected from the whole collection Frankie Morello. Watch them the photo gallery … Link from the photo below.Frankie Morello fashion show photo gallery new collection fall winter for women

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