Liu Jo for women new collection fall winter fashion clothing

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Liu Jo Women’s fashion clothing collection catalog prices fall winter 2012 2013. Liu Jo Autumn Winter 2013 Collection. Liu Jo has a look halfway between a chic and glamorous style openly expressed mainly in fine clothes and plain, and a more casual, everyday style that takes shape in the t-shirt decorated with rhinestones with elastic ribbons or T-shirts read and shiny from the original prints.

In this we can get a little preview on the new proposals designed by Liu Jo for the cold season produces a line of clothing in which there are: short and long dresses, pants, jackets and t-shirt. Liu Jo Women’s fashion clothing collection catalog prices fall winter 2012 2013. The most original of the proposal by the brand in the autumn winter 2012 2013 seem to be the t-shirt Liu Jo exhibiting prints contrasting with patterns that recall the paisley polka dots as well as large, but also models of scarves with hairy necks.


In fact, Liu Jo presents as a match for the most stylish shirts hairy necks that are closed with a ribbon in the colors: purple, blue and black. Another head upon which the brand has invested heavily in his autumn-winter 2012-13 collection is the cardigan, the proposed short version with velvet polka dots and bow side. The main colors in this collection Liu Jo are: blue, gray, purple, black and plum.  

The designers present new collections and accessories, always in high demand, visible online.

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