Melluso new shoes collection Spring Summer fashion for women


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Melluso collection Spring Summer for women shoes sandals ballet slippers for every taste and quality. Melluso shoes are comfortable and provide a point of reference for those looking for high quality shoes, durability and comfort to our feet. Melluso addition to worrying about the healthy side of the shoe to think about the aesthetic factor, and because his shoes are always beautiful and chic, perfectly in line with the trends of the season. A new pair of shoes for the summer Melluso spring.


It begins with the dancers that offers Melluso in his spring-summer for women, saw cuts, others removed, and then the best that can go well with the more elegant look, perhaps for a ceremony. The dancers are cute, but they are also convenient, and comfortable for the capacity!


For girls who love the convenience of flip-flops proposed by Melluso, there are the more traditional models that are good for the mothers and grandmothers, but also the most decorated frou frou flowers and garlands. In every woman’s wardrobe, a slipper chic should never miss!


The Melluso sandals shoes are very elegant and refined, reserved for special occasions such as a party, an evening at a ceremony or appointments particularly important. Melluso has illuminated jewel sandals with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones micro. Melluso heeled shoes are very fashionable in an elegant satin rivestitimento models are beautiful, the leather and suede. But if you want something more modern, you should definitely choose the patent leather sandals decorated with bowThere are many colors to choose from and you will surely find something for you favorite.


We end our journey in the world with Melluso with sneakers, comfortable and suited to our everyday lives, excellent if you make a lot of miles a day. The sneakers Melluso in pastel shades with pearly reflections, are very feminine with different models with wedges, a few inches more is always welcome, is not it?


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