Beauty Tips for the eyes to prevent and combat dark circles


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Particularly delicate and sensitive eye area deserves much attention. The aging fibroblasts-cells that originate collagen and elastin, substances that fight external aggressions.
Beauty-Tips-for-the-eyes-care-to-prevent-and-combat-dark-circlesDue to loss of elasticity and firmness. While bags and dark circles caused by the relaxation of the tissues, reduced microcirculation, but also from stress, fatigue etc.. off and make you look tired.
Today everything is easier, because the cosmetic has fielded new strategies, technological really, to combat blemishes and imperfections. The key issue is the application: against puffiness and dark circles roll out on a thin layer on the outer corner of the eye and hit him with the tip of your fingers until the Anglo nose.









Beauty Tips for the eyes care to prevent and combat dark circles:
Subsequently games from the outer corner of the eye, pull the Beauty-Tips-for-the-eyes-to-prevent-and-combat-dark-circles-productscream and spread outward along the line dell’arcaa eyebrows and / or eye irritation. In the area where all the wrinkles, apply the product in a circular motion, until the angle of the eye to the temple. Even the masks are a panacea against puffiness and dark circles: in the evening after you no make-up, apply a thick layer of product and then act from 10 to 20 minutes, then remove gently with a cotton swab moistened moderate.
The products recommended by the experts are of various kinds: those anti-fatigue to those regenerating until you get to the lifting effect. In the pharmacy you can find for example, Roc stylo lift to lips and eyes or eye cream Rilastil that return light to the eye limiting blemishes. (You can use your trusted products of course).

Beauty Tips for the eyes care to prevent and combat dark circles:

If you prefer to make a leap in perfumery can try the eye and lip contour Age Saver Deborah or more of the Garnier Caffeine Roll-on that, to combat puffiness and dark circles uses the active ingredients of caffeine.
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