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Primer products for perfect makeup beauty tips professional

Primer-products-for-perfect-makeup-beauty-tips-Professional-image-1Primer products for perfect makeup beauty tips Professional and all guide online for news with new products and recipes beauty for Elisabeth Arden trendy look.























Primer for a perfect makeup tips make up a good base in a single step has two effects on the one hand and on the other prepares the skin for prolonged maintenance of tricks that we apply on our face. the secret of a perfect and flawless make-up

often it is precisely that which is hidden, that is to say a good base in a single step has two effects: on the one hand and on the other prepares the skin for prolonged maintenance of tricks that we apply on our face.


All professionals know and have long used the primer and this has made it spread the idea that this product would serve only to create looks challenging and complex; luckily now the primer is also growing in the “cosmetic bag home,” so that at home you can make a professional makeup and long lasting. The primer is colorless once “dry” and has the effect of smoothing and illuminate the face, but does not correct imperfections or discolorations for which we must use to spell or shadows in different shades of foundation and lands.

The make-up artist Elizabeth Arden have created four products to achieve a real “backstage” of the look, each specific to one area of ​​the face. To facilitate the application of foundation and improve the seal is the product of choice Good Morning Skin Serum: This serum by day, also awakens the skin with a burst of vitality ‘and it only takes a few drops to a fresh face and rested on which do not see the signs of stress.


We now turn to the eyes and lips, the points where the makeup lasts less and less during the day (but sometimes even a few hours) eye shadow slowly disappears, leaving a memory of what we had applied, not to mention then the lipstick that require frequent touch-ups.

For the eyes, the makeup artist for Elizabeth Arden thought not only to a pre-eyeshadow primer but also a product for the eyelashes and mascara. Advanced Eye-Fix is ​​the specific primer for the eyes that seals eyeshadow flawless throughout the day, just apply a small amount of product on the eyelids, and after a few seconds, apply the color normally. The experts at Elizabeth Arden recommend applying it every day to hydrate and stretch your eyelids, and furthermore the use of this primer minimizes the risk of allergic reaction to the pigments in eye shadows, often cause watery eyes or itching.


Lash Optimizer Primer with Conditioners is instead the treatment for eyelash enhancer that not only enhances the effect of the mascara and allows you to spread it evenly without lumps, but also makes the lashes thicker and longer, reinforcing growth. The primers for eyelashes of Elizabeth Arden is applied as a normal mascara over the entire length (a generous layer).

To complete the make-up here Lip Fix Cream, lip primer for uniform application of lipstick that improves effect and seal. Lip Fix Cream is applied even a little on the contour of the lips and may also be used alone, in fact, once dried it has undergone a volumizing effect.

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