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Face eyes and lips best makeup women beauty tips for girls

Face-eyes-and-lips-best-makeup-women-beauty-tips-for-girls-image-1Face eyes and lips best makeup women beauty tips for girls and all guide online for news with new products and recipes beauty for fashion trendy news look.

























Fashion girls Makeup tips for young teens make up just to enhance the facial features without changing the look or skin covered with layers of makeup. If you want to make a makeup for girls the first rule to follow is the natural way. The Face-eyes-and-lips-best-makeup-women-beauty-tips-for-girls-image-3make up right it should aim to enhance the face without distorting the features or make it look like the skin covered with layers upon layers of makeup. Here are the main tips that you should follow to make a make-up suitable for young girls.

Makeup for girls: what basis?

The basis of a trick for girls has a ‘critical and it is equally essential to be clear about what are the right moves to do to show beautiful skin even at this age. The problems most frequently encountered are: points blacks and pimples along with oily skin are also the first appearance of pimples and points blacks, or worst acne, and immediately think of the trick to fix it. L ‘ error more often girls commit the trick is to hide these imperfections under layers of make-up, making your face look like a mask.

The best thing to do is apply a concealer only on the points where you need to use a small brush to be accurate and then fade the edges with your fingers.  Oily skin : the hormonal status that the girls are in the early period determine changes also at the level of the skin. It may happen, therefore, end up with a normal skin that becomes oily and impure. In addition to combat this little problem with cleansers and creams suitable, you should also pay attention to the trick: Choose a mineral foundation powder, easy to apply, dries sebum and gives you a smooth skin but very natural.

Face-eyes-and-lips-best-makeup-women-beauty-tips-for-girls-image-4Makeup for girls: the question of the eyebrow:

It may seem silly but the eyebrows , especially on a sour face like that of a girl, may be more important than the makeup itself. If you’re still practice in the use of tweezers please contact a good beautician and give you a well-defined shape: even with very little make-up you’ll see that your eyes appear more open and already look will benefit.







Makeup for girls: eye shadow, blush and pencils:

Regarding ‘ eyeshadow , the colors to use are definitely clear and lightly pearled, such as ivory, salmon, peach, beige, light brown, light gray, lilac and so on. With pencils , however, can be bold with black, brown or blue, as long as the lines you draw are thin enough or well qualified. When it comes instead of using the blush to be careful there: are happy with cream because they give a more natural feel, Face-eyes-and-lips-best-makeup-women-beauty-tips-for-girls-image-6but at the same time should be avoided if they appear on the skin pimples and blacks, because in this way would not do more than highlight them.


6 For girls Makeup: lipstick or no lipstick ?

A trick for a girl lipstick can perhaps be excessive, but there are some exceptions. For example they can fit those who have a slight sheen and have a pinkish color, beige or orange very natural. Apart from this, however, to be safe and have a neat appearance but not too aggressive or exaggerated, it is always better to focus on a gloss , either transparent or colored.

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