Beauty tips for winter skin tanned with natural spray tan

Beauty-tips-for-winter-skin-tanned-with-natural-spray-tan-1Beauty tips for winter skin tanned with natural spray tan makeup trends You can find this and many other articles that talk new trends for modern fashion.

























Tanning spray tanned skin naturally safe to have with intense tan in minutes, application to the skin of an active ingredient called DHA .. You know the spray tan? Into It is a method is not yet known as the Solarium traditional, but offers no few advantages in terms of time, and especially of benefits, because its application is totally harmless, unlike lamps and showers based solar UV rays. The spray tanning, to be carried out in centers ecstatic, gives us an intense and homogenous tan in minutes, even if you have a skin of the moon. It is a real cosmetic that has been very successful thanks to the fact that many divas use it, like Charlize Theron (that’s the secret of his beautiful golden complexion!). Into The spray tan is achieved by exploiting the properties of a substance called DHA, which is extracted from the sugar cane. It is a natural and non-toxic substance that is also one of the basic components of many products for tanning DIY market, but it promises to be a much more effective and of high quality. DHA is naturally binds to the keratin present on our skin and creates color pigments which give a natural color, healthy and radiant. The spray tan is not a stimulant of melanin, so it protects us from the sun, as it is on the tan natural or artificial. We simply “make-up” to tan, which after all is not bad, especially if you have a special occasion and want to show off a golden skin sensually. Into The spray tan gives an intense color in a very short time, the body will have to wait for about 4 minutes, enough for the face a few seconds. Immediately after application of the spray tanning, but you will have to refrain from sports or activities that make you sweat and of course bathrooms and showers, to allow the product to act. The effect is immediate, the complexion appears naturally golden whatever your natural complexion, perfect, then, for a special evening for the girls and so clear that you almost never tan. The only downside is that the ‘spray tan lasts from 4 to 5 days, only to be reabsorbed in the next two days, so you need to repeat the treatment, but since there are no side effects can also be programmed two tanning sessions per week. To underline the fact that this treatment does not leave stains or halos yellowish, then the result is absolutely perfect.

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