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How to clear and remove tattoos with the new laser Q-switch

How-to-clear-and-remove-tattoos-with-the-new-laser-Q-switch-images-1How to clear and remove tattoos with the new laser Q-switch You can find guide of wellness this and many other articles that talk new trends for modern trends.























Clear tattoos:

The main problem is usually presented in the past, removal or deletion of a tattoo, was represented by scars dermabrasion (mechanical or laser CO2) left on the body.
For some years, however, is present on the market the laser Q-switch that is able to remove tattoos without leaving scars after treatment. A clear evolution for its specificity of target is constituted by the q-switched laser, using a wavelength of 532 or 1064, it may in fact treat almost all tattoos and most of the pigmented lesions. By the laser Q-switch are output pulses of less than a millisecond that affect selectively the melanosome, the cell organelle containing melanin.


In addition to the laser Q-switch may also be used the Nd: YAG laser and the laser alexandrite, as each of these lasers has as target a particular pigment, and is able to remove only certain colors.
When you remove a tattoo is important to keep in mind certain parameters such as colors, the depth of the pigment and time when it was made.
The advantages of the removal of tattoos with the laser, in contrast to previous methods, are represented by a less invasive treatment, the absence of scarring, less recovery time, absence of anesthesia.
The elements that the doctor will for tattoo removal are represented by the type of color, depth of the tattoo and how long it has been executed.

The Q-switched laser
Certainly the introduction of the laser Q-switched laser that can use a wavelength of 532 or 1064, has represented an important advantage being able to treat almost all colored tattoos and various pigmented lesions.
The laser Q switch can be of three types, and each destroys a certain pigment: Nd-yag q-switch ruby ​​laser, alexandrite laser.


Treatment to remove the tattoo:
Treatments consist of several sessions spaced apart by several weeks between the one and the other, in particular if the size of the tattoo is rather extended approximately 4-5 sessions will be necessary.
Each seat is not particularly painful, but there is a feeling of discomfort, similar to the snap of a rubber band on the skin.
The treatment takes place in several sessions spaced some weeks apart.
If the lesion covers a large area, you can possibly deal with it in several sessions, usually with 4/5 sessions you can achieve the complete removal of the tattoo.
Before the laser treatment
Before the laser treatment is to avoid exposure to the sun and UVA lamps, as well as to avoid taking photosensitizing drugs.


After treatment:
The effects of laser treatment resulting in a whitening of the tattoo, and within 8-12 days you have the total healing without scars remain on the skin of unsightly residue.
After treatment, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic ointment for a few days. It ‘important not to be subject to direct sunlight and protect your skin with sunscreen for the first time.
During the re-epithelialization is useful to use a special ointment that promotes this process, and it is always important in the first period, not exposed to direct sunlight or tanning lamps, and protect your skin with sunscreens sunblock.

The main problem is hyperpigmentation which can be prevented if you take all the precautions previously said. Otherwise there is a risk of the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and it is also why it is always important that the laser treatments to remove tattoos, they should always be performed by a physician trained, professional and competent, and must always be performed in a structure serious and reliable, both for the patient’s safety, and to avoid possible complications, both for an optimum end result.

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