The snail for beauty and skin care with the Elicina cream


The-snail-for-beauty-and-skin-care-with-the-Elicina-cream-image-1The snail for beauty and skin care with the Elicina cream You can find guide of wellness this and many other articles that talk new trends for modern skin care.
























Elicina cream for skin blemishes well-being and natural help from the snail slime of a natural help from the snail slime, to the unsightly appearance of our skin!
Yes. I know what you’re thinking: “Mom horror, what should I put on my face? Gentle Snail? ..

But think about how the snail, the silver strip, which our friendly gasteropod releases, to its passage .. could be of great help for our skin.
Elicina cream for skin blemishes well and help the natural snail slime things first, starting with a brief history of how it was discovered ‘that the snail was somewhat miraculous
“In 1980, in Chile, a breeder of snails intended for the French market culinary, he found that those who worked in his farm, his hands still had surprisingly soft, and any cuts are much more rimarginavano quickly, without releasing scars
He was convinced that, to analyze the mucus of snails, which belonged to one species in particular, Helix aspersa Muller, and after many years of research and experiments, it was possible to create a cream made of snail mucopolysaccharides, called Elicina! First introduced to the American market, now regularly distributed and marketed with great success in more than 30 countries! “
Course extraction Mucopolissacardi Snail (commonly Bava) in no way implies damage to the animal itself, because the collection of Light takes place in a totally passive
I discovered reading an article Elicina cream for skin blemishes well and help the natural snail slime how to cure pimples. 

Trying informations, analyzing for well Elicina cream for skin blemishes well and help the natural snail slime, and it turned out that this cream is effective against:

signs of acne scars stains
Stretch marks Wrinkles

Why is this inside:

80% of Light Snail
Allantoin: known antioxidant that fights free radicals, and rigenare capacity of the skin.
Proteins and Vitamin A, C and E
Collagen Elastin
Glycolic Acid
And after some investigation about who has tried it.

Here are my thoughts about
is described as follows: Light texture
Just a little product for the whole face
Also excellent as a base for makeup
What I did not like:
The price, 50 $ for a pack of 40 g.

Yes, the cost can ‘seem excessive, but the results are there and are valid.
There are two variations of this cream: Elicina cream for skin blemishes and wellness natural help from the snail slime
Elicina The Original and The Original Elicina Plus, the Plus version is more suitable for skins a bit ‘more dry and sensitive skin, as it also contains humectants and idrantanti.
There is no mention of the miraculous effects, but greatly improves the situation, using it a month, morning and evening after cleansing your face for good. Improves the appearance of red spots (left by pimples) and within a week lightens stains, more promises good results, even on larger spots and obvious.

Speaking about the product, we have kept a very low profile (because talking about skin)

But the product of very high ratings depending on who has used it.

In short, users say they are very satisfied with this product!


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