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Maintaining organization in a house requires the establishment of some rules. In addition to order, rules can help children learn responsibility how to work. However, determining these rules can be difficult and should involve the input of each member of the household.

This section includes tips about how to motivate your kids to do their chores, how to establish and enforce curfews, and setting a schedule for using the computer and internet.
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Chores and Children
Getting children to do chores does not have to be hard work. Follow these ideas and your children shall soon be anxiously joining in on their chores.

Curfews and Your Children
“But Mom, all my friends get to stay out till 3:00 a.m., why can’t I?” Sound familiar? Here is how you can get that curfew set with out it being the traumatic event that most people are used to.

Developing an Internet Schedule
Making a schedule for everyone in the house to be able to go online can be tricky, especially when there’s just one computer. Try to take everyone’s needs into consideration and be fair.

Turn Off the TV
So you want to wean yourself off your TV addiction, but don’t know how to do it? These tips will help you stop watching television altogether so that you can go out and enjoy your own life instead of someone else’s.

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